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  • Eco-Fused Self Adhering Bandage – Injury Wrap Tape for Dogs – Pack of 6 – Supports Muscles and Joints – Does not Stick to Hair – Elastic, Water Repellent, Breathable – Relieves Stress (for Dogs)

    Original price was: $20.98.Current price is: $15.39.
    • ? STRONG AND GENTLE. The elastic bandage is easy to apply and adapts to the shape of your Dog’s body.
    • ? DOES NOT STICK TO HAIR. The self adhering tape seals very well, without sticking to the coat of your Dog..
    • ? OFFERS SUPPORT AND RELIEF. Whether the muscles, tendons or joints of your dog are injured or just need some extra support, the bandage will help to relieve pain and stress.
    • ? BREATHABLE AND WATER-REPELLENT. The material of the self adhering tape is lightweight, breathable and water-repellent.
    • ? QUANTITY AND DIMENSIONS. This pack contains 3 rolls of 1.97 inch (5 cm) wide and 3 rolls of 0.98 inch (2.5 cm) wide. The length of each roll is 15 feet / 5 yards (457 cm).
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  • Penn Plax Aquarium Fish Net

    Original price was: $8.93.Current price is: $6.55.
    • Aquarium fish net is safe for all fish. Fine nylon net lining is designed with their safety in mind. The 4 inch net is a great size for many different size fish and aquariums.
    • Aqua-Blue Quick Net blends in water to help catch those crafty, quick fish that make a hobby out of avoiding other nets that are easily seen in the water.
    • Great for cleaning out debris from the tank as well. You can easily skim the surface and remove light debris from the water.
    • Handle is covered in vinyl adding to strength and length of the 13 inch long fish net, so you can catch the fish much easier. Net measures 0.4″D x 4.15″W x 13″H.
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  • Pet Scene 50x40cm Electric Pet Heating Pad Dog Cat Heated Mat Blanket Pet Bed Thermal Protection Timer with 2 Cloth Covers

    Original price was: $89.93.Current price is: $65.95.
    • Warmer bed for pets: a heating pad for dogs and cats, especially great for senior pets, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury.With a 55??C thermal protector inside, the warming mat can avoid overheating to protect your pets.
    • Chew-resistant & waterproof: soft and waterproof PVC enveloped enclosure. The cord casing is chew-resistant so that your pet cannot easily chew it up.
    • Timer: in the default mode, press the Timer Button to set the heat-up time, then the LED timer indication will range in corresponding timer choices (4H/8H/12H/24H).
    • Easy to clean: a soft and removable fleece cover is easy to clean by washing machine or hand and must be dried before reassembling the unit. Never allow your pet to lay on the unit without a cover. Please clean the pad with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the pad in water.
    • Intelligent design: Thermostatically controlled to warm your pet when it lies on the bed,also with the flexible design can be fit for most pet beds.
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