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  • DOT 4 Synthetic (superior general purpose fluid for cars and motorcycles in Europe, Japan & USA)
  • Dry boiling point legal requirement: 230??C / Ferodo Fluid: 249??C
  • Wet boiling point legal requirement: 155??C / Ferodo Fluid: 158??C
  • Optimum formulations and water content to guard against brake fail

With over 100 years of experience in friction and braking, the Ferodo name is synonymous with excellence either on the track, on a commercial vehicle or on your family car. The Ferodo brand is one of the 30+ global brands owned by Tenneco Inc. which includes 14 brands with over 100 years of experience including well known brands such as Monroe Shock Absorbers and Champion Spark plugs. Tenneco is a supplier to the major global vehicle manufacturers and like all the Tenneco Brands, Ferodo Brake Discs are carefully engineered to provide superior results. Brake fluid, while often forgotten, is a critical part of the braking system when if overlooked, can lead to brake fluid boiling, resulting in vapour lock and brake failure. Combine with the perfect Original Equipment performance of Ferodo BRAKE PADS pads and BRAKE DISCS for outstanding smooth, quiet, balanced braking power.


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