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Portable Personal Steam Sauna Home Spa, an Indoor Steam Sauna for Relaxation, Detox and Therapeutic, Silver Prime


  • ???Fast Heating Speed??Steam pot has a capacity of 2L in the saunas for home, and it is enough for you to use it for 60 minutes when filled with water, and it has 9 gear settings, and the maximum temperature can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The 360?? omnidirectional steam nozzle fills the entire steam tent with steam in just 10 minutes. And it can be operated remotely using the remote control, you can set the heating time and temperature according to your needs
  • ???High Quality??304 stainless steel steamer lining is high temperature and corrosion-resistant, the bottom is leak-proof with hot air adhesive, and the steam tent is made of high-quality thermal insulation fabric to prevent heat loss and is easy to clean. The melting-resistant 23.6-inch external extension tube is strong and non-deformable, providing you with a stable supply of steam. The attached stool is stable, comfortable, and sturdy, giving you the perfect sauna experience
  • ???Portable And Easy??You can assemble a portable steam sauna in just 1 minute. The sauna tent is highly sealed, has sweat-absorbent foot pads (the footpads can be machine washed), a super comfortable chair, and remote control. A person who can bear a weight of 198lb or less and a height of 70.9inch or less. Also, it is easily foldable, very easy to store, and save space. You can enjoy your private sauna and spa in the comfort of your own home without leaving the house
  • ???Health And Relaxation??Steam sauna indoor can revitalize your skin, anti-aging, weight loss, detoxification, improve insomnia, relieve pain, reduce stress, relaxing muscles, and speed up recovery from sports injuries. It releases toxins from the pores, thereby invigorating and purifying your body. You can also add essential oils, vinegar, and herbs to assist you in using it for better results
  • ???Product Guarantee??In the event of non-human damage, we will provide a one-year warranty on the steam sauna. If you have any questions after purchasing a steam sauna spa, please contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible. With high-quality products and attentive after-sales service, this is the best choice for thousands of white-collar working women to stay healthy


WILLOWYBE personal portable steam sauna spa, and steam saunas for home. Efficient and convenient, you can assemble it in just 1 minute. Also, the steamer is foldable, which makes it easy to store and saves space. The 304 stainless steel steamer is corrosion-resistant and heats up quickly. It takes only 10 minutes to fill the steamer with steam, and the steamer can be timed and adjusted by remote control. Regular saunas bathing can fitness, improve blood circulation, aid detoxification, improve skin, and have therapeutic stress-relieving properties. Also, a steam sauna indoor spa can help you relax and provide you with quality sleep.


1. After adding water, lock the lid and connect the fumigation equipment, and then it can be powered on. 2. It is recommended to use the highest level to preheat when starting up and using (the default timing is 45 minutes when starting up, and the P9 maximum gear). After the water is boiling, adjust the gear as needed. It is recommended that the water is boiled out of steam 10-20 minutes after the heating is started, and the recommended fumigation time is 30-45 minutes.

Item List

  • Sweatbox
  • Chair
  • User’s Guide
  • Steam Pot
  • Sweat Pad
  • Remote Control
  • 23.6 Inch And 11.8 Inch Conduit
  • Link The Trachea Connector
  • Steam Outlet Box


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