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SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot Shoes/Minimalist Multisport Shoes/Zero Drop Sole & Wide Toe Box

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  • Zero Drop Sole: The sole is thin and allows for a more natural feel while running. Being able to feel changes in the terrain greatly increases your ability to stay balanced.
  • Wide Toe Box : Unlike the traditional toe shoe, there is no separation between each toe. The wide toe box makes your toes free as a sneaker, it is super comfortable.
  • Barefoot Feeling: Super lightweight & breathable barefoot shoes, you can wear them with and without socks. You also can take the insoles out of the shoes for a more barefoot feeling.
  • Non Slip Sole: The tread pattern offers exceptional grip, even on wet or uneven surfaces
  • You can use the minimalist shoes to: hike, rock scramble, parkour, boulder, beach walk, trail run, offroad run, downhill hiking/running, urban walk, cross-training, move furniture, serve & bartend.

SAGUARO barefoot shoes have a minimalist style that gives you a different visual experience. The wide toe box has enough space for your toe to relax. The flexible zero drop sole can keep your feet balanced on the ground. Removing the insole enhance your barefoot feeling, you can feel everything under your feet without being bruised.


  • Wide toe box
  • Zero drop sole
  • Removable insole
  • Non slip sole
  • Flexible & comfortable barefoot feeling

Super lightweight & breathable, comfortable to wear all day, with/without sock or insole. Easily hand-washed, comfortable to work and run in on multiple surfaces. These barefoot shoes work very well on sand and in aquatic environments


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