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Thermajohn Mens Ultra Soft V-Neck Thermal Underwear Shirt – Fleece Lined Long Sleeve Underwear Long Johns T Shirt


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FABRIC: Fleece mens thermal long sleeve shirt is crafted with the right blend of polyester and spandex. 92% of ultra soft polyester offers durability and 8% spandex allows for 4-way stretchability. Fleece lining and robust stitching around the seams prevents premature ripping and tearing.
  • WEIGHTLESS WARMTH: Get comfortable warmth that never weighs you down. Thermal shirt perfectly sit under your clothing without disrupting your style. Incredibly warm yet surprisingly light, compression baselayer feels almost like a second skin, you will feel its presence only by the warmth it delivers.
  • FOUR WAY STRETCH DESIGN: Unique knitted pattern and poly-spandex composition increase the stretchability of thermals for men Fleece lined thermal top naturally stretches with your body, thus offering full mobility and freedom of movement.
  • RETAINS THE HEAT: Don’t wear bulky multilayered jackets, our super warm thermal long sleeve men is all you need to bare the winter chills. The ultra-fine polyester fibers and closely knitted seams block the body heat loss while the long sleeves work as an added layer of insulation.
  • COMFORT DRIVEN DESIGN: Moisture management technology of the thermal men wicks away the cold sweat to avoid any sticky feeling. Seams are strategically positioned to eliminate chaffing at friction points and the tagless construction avoids any skin discomfort or irritation.

When it comes to tackling the cold, a functional and efficient base layer can make all the difference. As the temperature drops and days become shorter, all you want to do work from while being wrapped in a cozy blanket. Thermajohn men vneck thermal shirt are designed so that you can go out and enjoy your everyday lifestyle and outdoor activities in the colder months of the season. Whether you are hunting deep in the woods, swooshing down the snowy slopes or just going to the office, our thermal underwear top are sure to keep you warm and cozy, even in the harshest days and demanding weather conditions.

This cozy thermal top is crafted with 92% ultra soft polyester and 8% four-way stretch spandex. Our men’s thermal shirts are stretchable, snuggly & warm. It fits well &is not too bulky so doesn’t show under your clothes. The air pocket and closely knitted pattern trap in the heat generated by your body as well as our tops, which minimizes heat loss. As the heat loss is decreased, your body naturally stays at a comfortable temperature. That’s why despite of its thin and lightweight fabric, our tops give you the warmth that can help you tackle even the most demanding weather conditions.


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