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Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Inflator Compressor mi pump 1S, Smart Digital Tire Pressure for Bike/Ball/Motorcycle/Tires


  • Increased speed and air volume, to get you back on the road faster: Fully inflate 2 car tires or top up car tires 8 times, thanks to enhancements that deliver 45.4% higher inflation performance on a full charge.
  • High-precision cylinder block supports pressures up to 150 psi: The high-precision die-cast cylinder block made from alloy materials inflates from 0 psi to 150 psi in just 20 seconds*, making it suitable for use with shock absorbers on mountain bikes, as well as high-pressure tires on road bikes.
  • Highly accurate air pressure sensors means no more fiddling with manual pumps: Digitally controlled air-pressure sensors improve inflation accuracy to ??1 psi*, putting an end to back-and-forth tire pressure checking as you inflate.
  • Preset tire pressures, for greater ease and peace of mind: The Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S automatically stops inflating your tires when your desired pre-set pressure is reached.It also remembers your pressure values, so you don’t have to set up repeatedly.
  • Five different modes that anyone can use: Five different inflation modes??each with preset air pressure values??prevents over-inflation and delivers peace of mind.

Mijia Electric Pump, Pumping for anyting at anywhere Digital display to detect tire pressure. Preset pressure, stop immediately upon arrival. Small size and easy to carry. Powerful and versatile Experiment Data(Just For Reference): 1.Full Power Charges 41 Footballs (1minute Charge 1 Ball) 2.Full Power Charges 8 Bike Tires (3 Minutes Charges 1 Tire) 3.Full Power Charges 6 Motorcycle Tires (6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire) 4.Full Power Charges 5 Car Tires (6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire ) Easy to use: 1. Charge the pump 2. Select the appropriate nozzle 3. Attach nozzle to inflation port to inflate 4. Set the required air pressure 5. Turn on the electric air pump


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