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2022 CarlinKit CarPlay Wireless Adapter for Cars with Wired CarPlay(car from 2016 to Now),Support for iPhone 6 or Above,No Cable Convert Wired to Wireless CarPlay,OTA Update (Over-The-air Update)


  • 『High sensitivity』Built-in 5G smart chip, which has fast processing speed and reduces delayed response. The small and exquisite design is easy to storage, which is very suitable as an exquisite gift to family or friends. A small smart box can help you use Google to navigate and play music faster and more convenient, and supports the voice assistant Siri to assist driving, making your journey safer.
  • 『Main Function』Enjoy automatic and wireless connection to CarPlay without need of USB-cable. Check out this easy way to retrofit your existing CarPlay system to make it wireless. Wireless CarPlay makes it easy to play music, get navigation, or use Siri wire-free! Support Voice Control, Siri, GPS Navigation App(real-time navigation), Online Music App, Phone Call,Music app, messages.
  • 『Compatible Devices』This product only supports the original car with CarPlay, so your car must have the factory CarPlay to use this product. It retains the original car’s wired carplay function, changes the connection method, turns the wired connection into a wireless connection, and bids farewell to the data cable plug in the mobile phone.
  • 『How to get wireless CarPlay??. Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone(Make sure your phone is not connected to any other device). 2. Plug the adapter USB cable into the car’s USB port. At this time, the product starts to pair, the indicator light flashes red. 3. Open the Bluetooth list of the iPhone, select the corresponding Bluetooth name, and connect. After the connection is successful, the product indicator flashes green, and the CarPlay system interface appears on the car screen.
  • 『Note』① Not suitable for Android car stereo; ??Not suitable for Android phones; ??Not suitable for the original car without the built-in Factory wired CarPlay.☞Our Carplay Wireless dongle supports online upgrade and version update, but if there are no problems during use, it is not recommended to update.If you need a detailed installation video, you can also contact us to get it. please contact us via Amazon email.

Product Description:

  • Function: original car wired to wireless CarPlay
  • Power input:5V 1-2.1A 
  • Power output:5V 0.8-2A
  • Product size:46*11*80mm
  • Connection:Bluetooth&Wifi
  • Mobile phone:iphone with IOS10 or above
  • Compatible car model:Factory-installed wired carplay cars

How to upgrade version online:

  • Make sure the dongle is connected and has power and is running CarPlay already on your display.
  • Use the same iPhone that’s transmitting wireless CarLinkit 3.0 to the dongle.
  • Open Safari on this iPhone and enter the URL or use the QR code that is in the manual and press Go.
  • Wait for the page to load, it should be pretty instant as you are connecting locally.
  • The page will display if your dongle has an update available.
  • Note the update version number under the title..
  • Select the Update Now button to proceed with the update.
  • Do not switch off your car, do not disconnect the dongle, do not turn off your iPhone or navigate away from the Safari page during this update..
  • The update should take less than a minute.
  • As soon as the update has finished it will hold on 100% and say Upgrade Successful. At this point, your dongle should reboot and load you back into CarPlay.


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