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IWATANI Smokeless Korean barbecue grill YAKIMARU


  • body size: 303 (width) × 278 (depth) × 149 (height) mm / Weight: about 2.0kg / plate size (diameter): 233mm
  • Material 🙁 body): steel (powder coating) / (plate) aluminum die-casting (fluorine processing) / (burner) heat-resistant aluminum die-casting / (knob appliance plugs) ABS resin
  • Continuous burning time: about 217 minutes ( when the temperature 20 ~ 25 ?? the measured value of the unexpired portion of the cassette gas one at high heat continuous combustion) / ignition system: piezoelectric ignition system / safety device: Pressure-sensitive safety equipment / container removable method: magnet system
  • Accessories: handle, Japanese manual / Country of origin: Japan
  • Japanese manual URL (PDF): http://www.i-cg.jp/support/manual/list/pdf/manual_pdf71.pdf

Product Description Suppressing the generation of smoke less, easily grilled meat can be enjoyed in the room! Suppress the smoke by not drop the fat of meat on top of the flame Smooth to fat have been made structural ingenuity, such as the following so that the fall in the water dish from the plate. Create a path of fat Create a fall easy clearance fat Create a guide to the plate back so that fat is not applied to the flame A small, lightweight, and compact size, does not take place in even housed in a tabletop. Baked surface fluorine coat, is a non-stick hard to care is easy. Suppress the smoke to control the temperature of the baked surface to about 210 ~ 250


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