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Peri Bottle for Postpartum Essentials Perineal Spray Squirt Upside Down Bottle Feminine Postpartum Care,Clean, Perineal Recovery New Mom &Baby 2 Detachable Nozzles Portable Personal Hygiene Bidet Kit

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  • ?? Newmom & Newbirth Child Combination – Come with 2 nozzle spray,angled nozzle perfect for momwasher as perineal recovery after birth,straight nozzle spray suit for childbirth tushy cleaner. This premium wash bottle for moms was made to be used upside down. It has a narrow-angled neck for a comfortable and continuous stream.
  • ?? Smoothing,Simple & Mess-free: No need batteries , The easiest travel bidet to use. Perfect size at 14 Oz (400 mL) peri bottle is not too big to get awkward, not too small to have to refill. simple Perfectly designed to bring you much needed soothing relief for all your post childbirth woes.
  • ?? Postpartum Essentials recovery: portable peri washing bottle is a must-have post-partum accessory. It helps sooth and clean the perineal area after birth. Premium quality.women??s peri wash bottle can help to relieve itchiness in the right spot.awkward stretching that could cause soreness.
  • ?? More than just a peri wash bottle: Although perfect for after-birth recovery,post-partum bottom spray can also be used during menstruation, hemorrhoids, and cleaning your bum. It is travel-friendly so you can take it on the go.Perfect for sensitive skin and help prevent sore bottom from wiping using paper ?C bottle will rinse away fecal residue and remove almost all odor. Toilet paper WON??T do that.
  • ?? Premium & Safe Material: BPA free High quality EVA material for easy to squeeze, soft, and safer to Use it for everyday easy cleaning ! not only combined with 2 nozzle spray for newmom washer & baby tushy cleaner but also Comes with a discreet travel bag so you can take your it anywhere! It also makes for a great baby shower gift! We stand behind our product and strive to bring you the best, if you ever run into any trouble, we have you covered, no questions asked.
Upside Down Peri Bottle Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care Soothing After Birth Tears Pain

We knows what it takes to be a mom, and once the hardest part of the pregnancy has passed, the following postnatal period can also be a struggle.

Whether it??s birth tears, hemorrhoids or just simply maintaining your cleanliness- it can be quite hard!

Portable Bidet for Birth Tears, Pain Hemorrhoid Cleansing for Mom After Birth Hemmeroid Treatments

Peri Bottle — Made With Care for Your Health,Help Postpartum Recovery Faster and Easier.

Angled nozzles is perfect for new mom – upside down peri bottle is very effective at maintaining cleanliness during pregnancy and post partum care periods,narrow-angled neck for a comfortable and continuous stream.

Straight nozzle spray suit for childbirth tushy cleaner especially baby with sensitiveskin,and is ideal for daily cleaning accessories.

Baby Shower Gift Personal Hygiene Cleaner Baby Travel Bathing kit Travel Size Cleanser Travel Bidet
Hemmeroid Treatments Easy Post Partum Washing Postpartum Perineal Cleansing After Birth Essential

1.Fill the bottle with warm water.

2.If desire mix in a few drops of witch hazel for extra soothing relief.

3.Make sure to screw and tighten the cap securely then extend the nozzle firmly to avoid water leaks.

4.While on the toilet, invert the bottle between legs and aim the nozzle towards the perineal area or any desired area.

5.Squeeze the bottle and repeat as needed.

6.After use, empty the remaining content and rinse.Detachable nozzle for storage.